Cretan Myth Yachts is a newly established company that was founded in 2021. Our goal is to create unforgettable moments and memories for travelers that want to experience the mythical blue waters of the Cretan Sea.

Two words: “sea” and “myth”; the two main ingredients that contributed to the creation of Cretan Myth Yachts. Our journey started many years ago, when Georgios Spitaliorakis –the father of the company’s founder, Emmanuel Spitaliorakis- initiated his son to the world of the sea and passed on his love for sailing.
Emmanuel Spitaliorakis is a seasoned second captain in tankers. Upon starting his career, the first ship with which he travelled was named “Myth”. The “Myth” became a part of his life that was deeply engraved in his memory, along with all the reminiscences that accompany a captain on his first voyage.
His lifelong dream had always been to create a company that would allow him to show the legendary blue waters, the beauties of our country and the incomparable Cretan hospitality to people who visit Crete and other islands.
This is how Cretan Myth Yachts was created! Travel with us on blue waters, experience the Cretan hospitality and sculpt your own myth through unforgettable memories!